Wake Up and Smell the Chocolate – Costa del Sol News Article

Wake Up and Smell the Chocolate – Costa del Sol News

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The Stanhopea trigrina in bloom
Credit: Estepona Council

THE Estepona Council created and controls the Orquidario Botanical Park in the centre of the town and has now reported that its Stanhopea triggering orchid from Mexico has flowered and its main characteristic is the chocolate-like aroma.

This is a rare bloom to have in a collection as it is a very demanding plant in terms of care and very sensitive to temperature. It needs cold winters and heat during the summer months, as well as intense light throughout the year.

The flower of the Stanhopea triggering is large and light yellow with flecks of deep maroon. Its flowering lasts a few days and one of its peculiarities is that it gives off an aroma similar to chocolate.

The specimens found in the Estepona Orchid Park have a total of nine stems, some of which have flowered since the end of last week and others that will do so throughout the summer.

It is very good luck that the orchid has bloomed just a few days after the Botanical Park reopened to the public on July 1 after ensuring that all proper safety and hygiene operations had taken place.

There are a number of other orchids ready to flower and a further 5,000 plants, bamboo forest and waterfall, so visitors are guaranteed an amazing outing.

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