Spanish Police Ignore Packed Restaurant

Spanish Police Ignore Packed Restaurant

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Restaurante Plaza- police alledgedly ignored social distancing for the mayors friend!. image, Google Earth Street View

Spanish police were called out to a restaurant when passers-by noticed it was rammed full of customers- so much for “social distancing”! one local said.

The restaurant, situated in the sleepy village of Benalmadena Pueblo, Malaga, Spain, was reported for overcrowding because new COVID restrictions call for a 75% reduced capacity inside, this popular Spanish-owned eatery however was more like 110% inside full!

The police eventually appeared and rather nonchalantly walked up to the owner, had a chat, then abruptly left! The restaurant in question was the Restaurant Plaza, Benalmadena pueblo, the reason they left said an EWN reader? you guessed it, the owner is a friend of the mayor!!

Spanish Police Ignore COVID Law for "Friendly" Packed Restaurant
Would the bar next door get away with over-crowding? image- Twitter

The locals were not amused

Julia Merchant, a British ex-pat who lives nearby, could wait to tell all:

“So much for social distancing! there are other bars and restaurants in the area all observing the law, including some ex-pat friends of mine who struggling to make ends meet because of the restrictions. This is a small village, everyone is talking about it, we couldn’t believe it when we heard. The police are quick to hand out fines, sometimes too quick, for not wearing a mask, but this was sheer discrimination and might i say corruptness at its worst”!

Duncan Falkener, a retired engineer who has lived in the pueblo for ten years was less surprised however, he commented:

“I see it all the time, I only live 100 yards away from the restaurant, most of the time I can’t even park my own car here. Last August in the tourist season I was actually in a bar down the road and my car get towed, from outside my own apartment! minutes later another took the empty space where the Grua had taken mine from, and the passengers got out and strolled into the Plaza, as we call it, guess what? their car wasn’t touched. Made me so angry”!!

One COVID law for one and one COVID law for the other. What a blatant display of discrimination you say, how could they get away with that?:

“It’s easy, get to be friends with the mayor”! said Julia Merchant.

Do you have or know anyone who has had similar experiences? then please let us know, its good to share…

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