Soros – Euro Weekly News Spain Leapy Lee News Article

Soros – Euro Weekly News Spain Leapy Lee News Article

Leapy Lee

What these rioter/protester mobs don’t understand, is that every screaming disruption and malicious destruction of public property gains thousands of more votes for Donald Trump! Although the turn out for these demonstrations appears to be extensive, they are a mere fraction of the overall population, most of whom totally abhor this type of mob action; particularly when it is emerging that many are allegedly being financed by billionaire George Soros, as part of his supposed intention to bring anarchy to the USA! Trump’s appearance holding a bible and posing for an impromptu photo call outside the St Johns church was a brilliant PR exercise.

To the bible belt and all those convinced that ‘God is on their side,’ plus his statement that he was the ‘President of law and order’ and was prepared to bring in troops to restore this order, would have won him millions of supporters, and to my mind absolutely guaranteed another Whitehouse term. And what are these so-called protesters chanting about anyway? Justice? Well just a minute, hasn’t the perpetrator in this case been arrested for murder and three other police officers also accused of aiding and abetting? What sort of ‘justice’ do these people want– a public lynching? While we’re about it, what about all the black populace who have committed horrendous murders of white victims? What about the black man Kori Ali Mohamad, who admitted killing four people, as recently as March of this year, simply ‘because they were white’?

How easily we forget the vicious murders of two innocent white people carried out by OJ Simpson, who was initially found not guilty by a jury comprised mainly of black elderly women in what was considered one of the worst miscarriages of justice in recent history. It took a civil unbiased court to subsequently find him guilty, but at no time did we witness hordes of white protesters screaming, looting and baying for blood. No, I’m afraid that to me, racism is a two-way street and those who scream racism the loudest are in fact often the biggest racists of all. It has also recently been established that more ethnic minorities and black people are dying of the Corona disease than white. What hasn’t been made clear is why?

We have just witnessed large gatherings of mainly black and ethnic people, completely ignoring the government’s directive sin- social distancing; in the same way, as I reported nearly two months ago, when I observed that even then the advice was being ignored by the ethnic communities. Many mosques remained open and some Imams were even telling their followers that it wasn’t their problem and was in fact ‘the wrath of Allah on the infidels’! At the time I wrote that, in a few weeks, when they began dropping like flies, they would probably be blaming the indigenous population or the government for their problems. I didn’t imagine for one minute they would be blaming a racist virus!
Keep the faith
Love Leapy

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