Madman on the Costa del Sol Attacks a Man with a Wooden Stake

Madman on the Costa del Sol Attacks a Man with a Wooden Stake

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Alameda Principal: Where the attack took place.
Credit: Twitter @turismodemalaga

A madman on the Costa del Sol has been arrested after attacking another man with a wooden stake. The man was arrested this Friday in Malaga centre after brutally assaulting another with a wooden stake on the Alameda Principal.

The presence of a Local Police patrol passing through the area, whose on-duty officers were alerted of the crime by several people, prevented the aggressor from continuing to beat the victim. The victim was lying on the ground, face down and unconscious.

In the few seconds that it took the officers to travel between the group of witnesses and the area where the attacker and his victim were, the policemen counted a dozen hits with the blunt object.

The events occurred at around 11:40 a.m. on one of the busiest roads in the capital. When they reached the men, the officers demanded that the attacker drop the stake and lie down on the ground, to which he agreed to be handcuffed and detained immediately.

Immediately afterwards, the officials demanded the presence of an ambulance, since the victim, in addition to being unconscious,  presented a gash in his head and other injuries around the nose area. Before being transferred to the Regional Hospital, the 55-year-old man came to his senses and assured the officers that he did not know why he had been attacked and that he only remembered the initial punch.

Several witnesses corroborated this version of the story when other patrols arrived at the scene as a back-up.  Whilst the wounded man was transported to the hospital, the arrested man, who identified as a 48-year-old Spaniard, was taken to the police headquarters, where he is now accused of an alleged crime of committing injuries with a stake. The weapon was then found to be 90 centimetres long and five centimetres wide.

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