Cummings – Euro Weekly News Spain Leapy Lee News Article

Cummings – Euro Weekly News Spain Leapy Lee News Article

Leapy Lee

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One of the many drawbacks of this virus pandemic is that due to shortages of staff, producing a column dealing with current affairs can be most difficult. (In fact, the mere continuance of this EWN publication during the crisis is nothing short of a minor miracle, for which all concerned must be highly congratulated!)

It does, however, mean that due to articles needing to be submitted much earlier than usual, there is a danger of subject matter being ‘old news’ by the time it finds its way into print. I sincerely hope this is not the case with this week’s blurb which was submitted last Friday. It concerns the never-ending onslaught of pressure on Mr.Cummings to resign or be sacked from the Conservative party.

To me the whole unrelenting blitz of left-wing media hounding, and indeed the criticism from dissenters in his own party, seemed utterly disproportionate to the actual ‘crime’ he is supposed to have committed; particularly in the light of even more serious accusations being aimed at other political figures, including chip off the old block, Steven Kinnock, Robert Jenrick and that awful SNP whinger Ian Blackford, who allegedly drove 600 miles from London to Skye some three days after the lockdown was declared. So why are the media not chomping after these other lockdown breachers in anything like the relentless fashion they have pursued Mr.Cummings?

Well, surprise surprise, after I dug a little deeper, a word popped up that most of us would like to consider lost in the mists of time. Yep, you’ve guessed it– Brexit! It appears that while both Mr Cummings and Mr Johnson, both leading Brexiteers, were incapacitated with the coronavirus, a number of diehard remainers decided to use this uncertain period to devise a way to obtain a two-year extension of the transition period- due to be decided next month. Although the whole devious, leftwing media assisted plot is far too complicated for these few lines, it basically meant that if Mr Cummings could be got rid of and the ‘remain’ supporting conservative MP’s win vote of no confidence against Mr Johnson, the chances of getting a two-year extension in June would be greatly enhanced.

This would mean the UK would be bound by its obligations and EU international agreements for a further two years, and who knows? Over this period the undemocratic and bitter loser camp would have all that time to work on reversing the Brexit decision. Can you imagine the horror of that!? Thankfully, at the time of writing, they have not, even with the relentless badgering of their media pals, managed to oust Mr Cummings. In the light of this failure, rebel conservative remainers have stepped away from the vote of no confidence idea, knowing too well that should it have failed their political careers would be over. I dunno, who in their right mind would truly want to become a politician?

Keep the faith.

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