Care homes – Euro Weekly News Spain Leapy Lee News Article

Care homes – Euro Weekly News Spain Leapy Lee News Article

Leapy Lee

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Numbers seem to be at the top of the priority list among the politicians and media these days.
Numbers of deaths here, numbers of cases there, percentages of victims from this area, how the UK numbers compare with other countries. The whole sorry debacle is beginning to resemble some macabre international lottery competition. As I write this, I have a half an eye on SKY news and, lo and behold, the announcer is giving out more numbers, namely the number of deaths in care homes. Well, of course, these particular sums truly are shocking. We are all terribly saddened by the number of elderly patients succumbing to this awful disease. But why are we so surprised at the high death toll among the most vulnerable in our society? After all is this not the whole point? It is a proven fact that those who live in care homes are far less likely to survive this awful virus than others who are younger and more healthy.

I have found myself in a quite a few care homes over the years and have been surprised (or not!) that the homes depicted on the media always seem to show highly efficient modern units, all computerized, with pristine environments and facilities, run by highly efficient and articulate staff.
‘The only reason for the high rate of deaths in these establishments’, spout many of those desperately striving to gain political points, ‘is the government’s failure to provide enough PPE equipment’. But it’s not the only reason, is it?

Having experienced the heartbreak of two beloved parents, who finally had to be moved to care homes, I can assure you that they are not all as wonderful as the media would like us to believe. There are thousands of these lucrative private care homes scattered throughout the country, and quite a number that I have experienced is a positive disgrace. While vainly searching for somewhere to place my dear dad and later my Mum, I was appalled by the conditions in a whole host of these places. Many of them stank of urine. I saw others that were grubby and badly run by completely incompetent staff. Not a few were run by immigrants, mainly from Pakistan, who, after taking advantage of government schemes to buy large houses, had brought all their relatives over to live in half of the house while the ‘residents’ lived in the other half, and were often tended by some of these relatives who had no qualifications whatsoever. The speed that this virus could have run rampant through these poorly run establishments doesn’t bear thinking about– PPE equipment or not.

No, I truly am fed up with the way the media tries to twist the news to suit their political leanings or merely to pick up ratings by the promotion of sensationalism. Ah well. Go, safe everyone. This too will pass. Don’t forget to tune in to EXPATRADIO.UK Mon, Wed,  Fri, 1pm till 4.
Hopefully, it will cheer some of you up.
Keep the faith.

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